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Application and maintenance of diesel engine fire pump
Feb 10, 2018

With the improvement of people's fire awareness and the improvement of Fire code, the diesel engine fire pump is more and more favored by customers. Because of the perfect automation function of the control cabinet, the start-up and running process of the diesel engine completely get rid of the traditional mode of operation, and realize the functions of remote control, automatic start-up, ultra-low pressure pump and automatic alarm.

Because the operation of electric pumps can not be separated from electricity, and fire accident scene is often forced to cut off power or because the fire to the power itself off, even if we are equipped with dual power switch device, also does not ensure that the fire signal to the network must be normal. Therefore, starting and running completely disconnected from the power grid diesel engine fire pump is the preferred equipment for standby fire fighting facilities!

As we all know, diesel engine fire pump driving power and electric water pump drive is very different, so their day-to-day maintenance and management also have a lot of differences! Below I will talk about the daily maintenance and management of diesel engine fire pump should pay attention to matters.

1. Characteristics of diesel engine fire pump

Diesel engine fire pump and electric pump is the biggest difference is that it has its own independent power supply system-storage battery, therefore, diesel engine fire pump start-up and operation can be completely off the relationship with the mains.

The diesel engine fire pump is usually used as standby facilities, therefore, only when the fire signal comes, and the electric pump fails or the power is off, the automatic start. When it has ultra-low pressure to start the pump device, and its supporting electric pump control cabinet, also should be ultra-low pressure to start the pump device, and the two lower limit of the pump should be a certain pressure difference. Of course, I can also according to customer requirements, design more suitable for customer demand control system.

2, diesel engine fire pump Maintenance

The correct maintenance of diesel engine fire pump, especially preventive maintenance, is the easiest and most economical maintenance, so it is the key to prolong the service life and reduce the cost of use. Daily maintenance can be carried out according to the following steps to check the fuel capacity of the fuel tank-to observe the oil storage tank, according to the need to add enough.

Check the oil plane in the sump--to see if the oil surface is up to the marking mark on the oil ruler and should be added to the specified amount when insufficient, but not exceeding the upper limit of the ruler engraving line.

Check fuel injection pump governor oil plane-if not reached the specified marking mark, should add sufficient oil (some fuel injection pump governor without the ruler, you can omit this step).

Check the pump oil point whether there is sufficient lubrication grease--the diesel engine circulating pump on the nozzle unloading, to observe whether the grease is sufficient, such as insufficient, the application of oil gun to inject sufficient lubrication grease.

Check the water in the tank is adequate-found water in the tank should be replenished in time, the added water should be clean freshwater, such as tap water or clean water. If the direct use of groundwater, easy to form a scale in the water tank, affecting the cooling effect caused by the failure, therefore, the groundwater softening can be used. In the north (ambient temperature below zero), must be based on the local minimum temperature of the appropriate condensate point of antifreeze, the formula is as follows:

Ethylene glycol water coagulation point ℃

Ethylene glycol Antifreeze 60 40-55

55 45-40

50 50-32

40 60-22

Check three leaks (water, oil, gas) situation-check the tubing, water pipe joints of the sealing surface, found that there is leakage, should be resolved immediately; if the exhaust pipe, cylinder head gasket at the turbocharger has loosened or leakage phenomenon, should also be promptly excluded.

Check the situation of the acid liquid in the battery--the liquid surface of the electrolyte in the battery should be higher than the top of the plate 10~15mm, and the dilute sulfuric acid or distilled water which is 1.400g/cm3 should be added to the abnormal proportion to adjust to the 1.280±0.005 (30 ℃). Avoid raising water, wells and concentrated sulfuric acid.

Check the installation of the diesel engine accessories-including the installation of the attachment to the degree of stability, the foot screws and the stability of the connection with the work machinery.

Check the fuel injection pump drive connection plate-check whether the connection screws loose, if loose, should be corrected fuel injection advance angle, and tighten the connection screws.

Clean diesel and ancillary equipment exterior-wipe off the fuselage with a dry cloth or a soaked-diesel rag turbocharger, cylinder head shell, air purifier, such as surface oil stains, water and dust, wipe or use compressed air to clean the charging generators, radiators, fans and other surface dust.

3, Diesel engine fire pump start-up preparation

The diesel engine fire pump is more complex than the electric water pump in structure, so the preparation work before starting is more complicated.

First, we should first check the control cabinet voltage meter display is 24V, if less than 24V, should promptly identify the cause, troubleshooting. Second, check the diesel engine part is normal, the attachment is reliable connection, and eliminate abnormal phenomenon. Third, check the oil pan, fuel injection pump and governor within the oil to the specified position, if the oil is not enough, should be added to the same type of oil. Four, check whether there is enough water in the tank, if the use of open circulation cooling system, should be connected to the water. V, the hand pump on the fuel pump, injection fuel to the fuel system, at the same time to loosen the fuel injection pump screws, remove the air in the oil system, when there is no longer gas exclusion, tighten the screws, and then continue to pump oil until the back of the tubing has back oil, and finally the hand pump tightened. In turn, the high-pressure tubing joint nut on each cylinder injector is released, the governor handle is placed in the diesel running position, the diesel engine is rotated and the air inside the high-pressure tubing is discharged (this step can be ignored in general and should not be ignored when startup fails). Seven, for the new machine or parking for more than 5 days of the unused diesel engine, before starting the crankshaft 3~5 turn. Eight, have preheat start device, and need preheat start (temperature 5 ℃ below), also should check preheating plug is normal (rated voltage 24V preheating plug normal resistance is 0.025ω, 12V of smaller).

4, Diesel engine fire pump Inspection

In order to improve the response ability of diesel fire pump to fire signal, it is recommended to patrol it once a week. Considering the water hammer effect and the characteristics of the diesel engine, we should start the diesel engine at low speed and then slowly accelerate to the speed--1500r/min. When the water temperature, oil temperature is up to 60 ℃ can be gradually slowed down, but still need to idle before parking (300~750r/min) run 2~3min, lest suddenly stop when the supercharger overheating caused by the turbocharger bearing bite dead!

After parking, be sure to adjust the speed to 1500r/min for fire fighting needs.

As a result of the diesel engine fire pump inspection process is more complex, so if there is no special requirements of customers, we generally do not consider the design process automatic inspection, the proposed user manual inspection mode!

5. Daily management of diesel engine fire pump

To ensure the reliability of the entire control system, perfect day-to-day management is inseparable. Although the diesel engine fire pump has the high automation function, but the man-made destruction factor causes it to lose the function The thing also to happen frequently! Components damaged or lost, time relay and charger parameters are incorrectly modified, and so on, users have reflected! Therefore, the pump room key to have a special management, but also to regularly check the equipment parts are missing or other factors destroyed, as well as the parameters of the components are scientific and reasonable.

6. Concluding remarks

The diesel engine fire pump and its control cabinet height automation function, causes the entire equipment to reach our unattended goal, better satisfies the user to the fire fighting equipment request.

Diesel engine fire pump get rid of the advantages of power grid and the perfect combination of electric water pump's nimble action ability, make human precious life further away from the ruthless fire!

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