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Automatic Selfcleaning Water Filters
Mar 21, 2018


Product Description

Self-cleaning filtersbackwash filters
Automatic pressure filters
Industrial Waste filters
Industrial filters
Water filters
High purity filters
Selfcleaniny filters
Circulating water filters
Emulsion regeneration filters
Treatment of waste oil filters
Blast furnace water systems with high pressure water rolling
Metallurgy casting water system

Structure principle
The filter from the housing, multi-filter, backwashing agencies, electric control system, power plant, electric discharge valve and differential pressure control system. Spent within the filter housing cavity plate will be divided into upper and lower chamber, the chamber is equipped with multiple filters, so make full use of space, significantly reduces the filter size, installed under the anti-cavity; In the wash sucker. Work, turbid liquid filters through the entrance, but also by the flower into the filter cavity plate hole, the impurity is greater than the filter pore closure, the net fluid through the filter pores to reach the chamber from the exit out.
When the filter impurities accumulate in the filter pressure drop caused by increased surface to the desired value, or timer to preset time, the electrical control system to signal, driving anti; In the body wash. When the filter backwash suction Handicap and imports are on, the drain valve open, then the system pressure relief discharge, suction and filter inside the emergence of a relative pressure lower than the pressure of negative pressure outside the filter area, forcing part of the circulating fluid lateral flow from the filter cartridge inside. Adsorption of impurities in the filter inner walls of the particles with the sewage flow into the suction valve inside and discharged from the sewage. Specially designed filter to produce jet filter effect, any impurities will be washed away. When the pressure drop back to normal or timer setting time has elapsed, the motor stops running, the electric discharge valve closed. Throughout the process, continue to stream flow, less anti-wash liquid consumption to achieve a continuous and automated production.


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