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Brief introduction of Sand filter
Feb 10, 2018

Sand filter is quartz sand filters, is a mechanical filter filled with quartz sand filter, sand filter bearing body becomes sand filtration tank, water treatment purification equipment commonly used treatment devices.

The sand filter is divided according to the control, has the manual control sand filter and the full automatic control sand filter, manual control sand filter using manual valve control reverse Wash, is washing, operation, automatic control sand filter for the use of time and pressure automatic control filter reverse washing, washing, running, no manual operation, for the production cost, manual sand filter Cheap, But need manual maintenance, late operation cost is high, automatic control sand filter prophase equipment cost is high, run without manual, reduce operating cost.

Sand filter According to material, divided into stainless steel sand filter, carbon steel sand filter, fiberglass sand filter. Production cost of stainless steel sand filter Most expensive, the second carbon steel sand filter, the cheapest for fiberglass sand filter, but the stainless steel sand filter and carbon steel sand filter operation bearing capacity, and FRP sand filter Operating pressure lower, the service life is short, and most of the FRP sand filter because there is no material, the replacement of filter material trouble, only from the bottom of the small mouth out of the material. and carbon steel sand filter and stainless steel sand filter can be in accordance with customer requirements of feeding and discharging mouth, the back of the material convenient.

The sand filter is divided by the flow rate, there are ordinary quartz sand filter and shallow high speed sand filter, ordinary quartz sand filters generally control the flow rate in the 8-15m/h, while the shallow sand filter can reach 40m/h, fast flow, filtration of the same flow, shallow sand filter diameter and height of small, and ordinary sand filter diameter and height, Then the advantages and disadvantages are very obvious, the shallow sand filter material cost is low, the effluent effect is relatively poor, and the ordinary quartz sand filter production cost is high, and the effluent water quality relatively shallow sand filter good.

Comprehensive above, select sand filter to pay attention to the aspect:

1, the upfront investment amount, that is, the purchase price budget, relates to the control mode and filtration equipment quality choice.

2, whether there are professional management.

3. Water quality and effluent quality.

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