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Industrial Water Treatment Media Sand Filter
Mar 21, 2018

 Industrial Water Treatment Media Sand Filter

Media sand filter for chilled water as a by-pass filtering equipment of closed industrial circulating water is used to filter the circulating chilled water and its control modes consist of manual backwash and automatic backwash. The system is generally backwashed once every three to seven days in the circulating process, effectively improving the quality of chilled water and ensuring excellent and stable water quality after intervention to long-term running. The device has small water consumption and is widely used in the cleaning of all types of industrial and commercial chilled water circulation system as well as refrigerant water and heat medium water systems of central air conditioning, improving the stability of equipment operation. Users may weld and conned in parallel the by-pass filters in main return pipes depending on the conditions of circulation system and the pipe diameter should be determined based on the retaining water yield of parallel circulating water. The sewage water is then discharged into the sewerage network.

Media sand filter advantages:

State of the art fabrication provides added strength under pressure and long system life

Head construction for durability and safety

Stainless steel wedgewire underdrain

Ensures structural integrity in the harshest conditions

Hydraulically balanced to increase effectiveness of backwash while reducing flush frequency and waste of water

High strength stainless steel wedgewire will withstand a collapse pressure in excess of 600 psi

Standard carbon steel products use 6-12mm thick material

Backwash automatically initiated by elapsed time or pressure differential

Easy-entry lid closure with weld tabs for operator safety

Available in welded carbon steel or stainless steel

Epoxy coating on interior surfaces

Made in China

Media Sand filter Apply:

Irrigation water

Storm water

Cooling water

Swimming pool water

Treatment of waste water

Production of drinking water

Pre filtration for membrane systems

Filtration of gray or surface water

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