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Matters needing attention in operation of non-negative pressure water supply equipment
Feb 10, 2018

Product Features: Laminated water supply, energy-saving rate of up to 15.6%, the general intelligent control Software: a software 576 operating mode, double negative pressure function, to prevent negative pressure, the pressure of water supply, intelligent self-cleaning function, water quality assurance, to prevent two times of pollution.

No negative pressure water supply equipment in operation need to pay attention to what matters?

(1) The control cabinet should be placed vertically, and be positioned smoothly on the base of the control cabinet or the base of the Groove steel.

(2) The main switch of the electronic control cabinet is closed, and then the control power supply unipolar switch is put on before the manual and automatic operation of the equipment can be carried out. The "Automatic/manual" switch is strictly prohibited when the device is in operation. This switch can be manipulated only when the device is completely stopped.

(3) The use of self-coupling step-down starting equipment, is strictly prohibited to start frequently, otherwise it may cause equipment damage. The inverter cabinet and the control cabinet shell should be reliably grounded.

(4) Do not live with high-power inverter, after cutting off the power, should wait for 5 minutes, to the intermediate circuit capacitor discharge and then to the inverter, motor or cable operation (preferably the inverter power led after 3 minutes).

(5) The equipment must be repaired and maintained by professionals. When the equipment is in overhaul, the control cabinet should be cut into the line power. To regularly clean the dust in the electronic control cabinet, keep the electronic control cabinet clean. Check the grounding screws in the electronic control cabinet periodically to ensure the wiring is reliable. Fire-fighting water supply equipment must be on the Panel "manual/automatic" main switch to the automatic position, so that the equipment automatically patrol the fire, and the fire signal can automatically start fire pump.

Problems to be noticed in abnormal phenomena:

The equipment has the function of fully automatic operation, if the alarm fault can not be automatic, emergency water can take manual potentiometer knob work;

Set due to the frequency, time should not be too long (and someone on-site monitoring pressure), such as factory maintenance personnel to attend the scene.

Those who do not have professional training are not allowed to repair themselves, or they may cause serious consequences.

Maintenance and repair of water supply equipment without negative pressure

1. The equipment should be cleaned and swept before it is put into operation in order to prevent impurities from entering the pump body and causing the equipment damage.

2, the pump should not be in the export valve closed in the case of long-term operation, also should not be in the performance curve in the hump run, more can not be empty operation, when the shaft seal using packing seal allows 10~20 drop/min leakage.

3. The bearing temperature must not be higher than 75 degrees Celsius during operation.

4. The pump should be lubricated once every 500 hours of operation.

5, equipment long-term shutdown should take the necessary measures to prevent equipment contamination and rust, winter stop should be adopted antifreeze, warm measures.

6, the operation of equipment should be regarded as the quality of the implementation of early sewage.

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