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Msg Evaporation & Crystallization Device
Mar 22, 2018

1. Company  Description 

Nanjing Beite AC Equipment Co., Ltd established in 2009 is a high-tech environmental protection company which specializes in research and development, manufacture, marketing and after-sale service of the Air conditioning industry field.

The factory is located at Jiangsu Provincial Economic Development Zone that is Luhe economic development zone. The main products including pressure vessel, equipments of water treatment, water supplying and air conditioning equipment. Our company has obtained special equipment manufacturing license (pressure vessel), ISO9001 and OHSAS18001 license and been issued the valid qualification of operation of environmental protection facilities and environmental engineering management right.

The products have been exported to more than 10 countries in South America, Africa, Asia and gained recognition universally.

2.Product Description

The evaporator series (three effect & multi effect falling film evaporator) allowed arranging special process flow according to different feature of material. It can also designed according to customer's special requirement.
Its outstanding advantage lies in the point that it can fulfill the continuous operation and low temperature evaporation. It saves energy and time with low loss and maximize remain the material's color, fragrance and favor. It can satisfy the continuous production requirements. This product is mainly used in the industries such as food, Chinese and Western pharmaceutical, biochemical pharmaceutical, further processing of agricultural and auxiliary products, health drinks, juice, fine chemical, light industry, PRO-environment etc.

3.Equipment structure

It consists of (first-effect, second-effect, third-effect)separators and evaporators and preheaters, condenser and vaccum pump, feeding pump, circulation pump, discharge pump, condensed water pump and system pipe fittings, etc. Equipped wit CIP spraying cleaning ball, vacuum gauge, thermometer, pressure gauge, and so on.

4.Equipment characteristics

1.The whole system with reasonable and beautiful design, stable operation, high efficiency, energy saving and low steam consumption.
2.Large concentration ratio, forced circulating type, which  can make the materials of larger viscosity easily flow and evaporate and shortens the concentration time.
3.The special design can make modifications of effects easily to realize production of various products.
4.Low evaporation temperature, the heat quantity can be fully used, the heating of materials is warm, so it's applicable for concentration of heat sensitive materials.
5.After forced circulation, the evaporator is heated evenly in the pipe with high heat transfer co-efficent, in order to prevent the occurrence of "dry wall".
6.The materials and liquids are separated after coming into the separator,  the effect of separating is greatly improved and it's flexible to operate.
7.The whole set equipment is quite compact, and occupies little area, and the layout is simple and fluent, all of which are the developing tendency of lare sized whole set evaporating equipments.
8. Continuous materials inlet and outlet, and the liquid level of mateials and needed concentration can be automatically controlled.
9.Evaporation capacity: Evaporation capacity: From 500Kg/h to 80T/h like 3000l/h-4000l/h-5000l/h-8000l/h-10000l/h-12000l/h-15000l/h-20000l/h-25000l/h-40000l/h etc.


The falling film single-effect, double-effect, triple-effect and multi-effect evaporators are applicable for low temperature concentration of high concentration and high viscosity materials containing indissoluble solid things in food, medicine, chemical industry, biological project, environment  protection project, and waste liquid recovery& treatement etc, industries.
The machine can widely used in the concentration of the glucose, starch sugar, xylose, citric acid, ammonium sulfate, oligose, maltose, sorbierite, milk, juice, vitamin C, maltodextrin and other aqueous solution. And also widely used in liquid waste disposal such as industry field of gourmet powder, alcohol and fishmeal.

8.Our Services

 Production Capability
1).Our company was established in the 1950s, designed and manufactured the first stainless steel distillation column in China.
2).Our company can produce 6 full sets of equipment (including crushing section, liquefying and saccharification section, fermentation section, distillation section and DDGS section) in a month.
3).Among 16 production workshops, 3 workshops are for mechanic manufacture, 5 workshops are for manufacturing process, 8 workshops are for assembling & welding.
4).We own advanced machining equipment and product testing equipment.

Designed capability

1). We own Design License of Special Equipment D1 & D2 Class; Manufacture License of Special Equipment A2 Class; Design License of Special Equipment GC Class.
2). Our company achieves more than 20 patent certificates on distillation, DDGS, and other fields.
3). Our company owns ASME certification, ISO 9001 Quality System Certification, ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Certification & GB/T28001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certification.
9.Contact us 
Name: Anne Huang
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