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PLC Control Open Channel UV Water Treatment System for Municipal Applications
Jun 08, 2018

Product Description


CLDC electronic water descaler is the latest-generation international standard electronic water treatment device,which is successfully developed using electronic resonance processing technology.

The electronic water descaler provides scale prevention and removal,corrosion and rust prevention,disinfection and killing of algae,and water activation functions.

The electronic water descaler widely used in central air conditioning system,industry chilling system,heat exchange system,boiler system,etc.


Scale prevention and removal


After absorbing high frequency electromagnetic energy, a single water molecule dissociates from its existing association with a large chain-like macromolecule, and surrounds cations and anions present in water (scale ion formed when salt dissolves in water), thus reducing motion rate and effective collision, leading to a decline in electrostatic attraction. Cations and anions lose their affinity for water and tend to disperse. The electromagnetic field prevents calcium and magnesium ions in water to form calcium and magnesium carbonate, thereby effectively preventing scaling and achieving good anti-scaling effects.


Under the action of high frequency electromagnetic field,dipole moment increases. The cations and anions lose their affinity for water,thereby improving the dissolution rate of existing scale along pipe walls.This synthetic action makes it hard for scaling to occur,and old scale gradually dissolves or falls off,achieving descaling.

Disinfection and killing of algae


Generally,weaker electromagnetic field strengths on the earth’s surface nurture microorganisms.The electronic water descaler generates high frequency AC electromagnetic eddy currents in the water,and greatly changes electromagnetic field strength in the water,thereby damaging the ecological environment where bacteria and algae thrive.The formation of bacteria and algae is prevented,and existing bacteria and algae are killed. Additionally,electron excitation causes water molecules to encircle and trap existing dissolved oxygen in the water,thereby cutting off oxygen supply to the bacteria and algae,thus killing algae or acting as a disinfectant.


Corrosion and rust prevention


Under the action of high frequency electromagnetic energy, single water molecules tolerate oxygen molecules that are dissolved in the water, convert them into inert oxygen and block the source of oxygen required for corroding metal. Also, the electromagnetic field of suspension compounds' modulation frequency is stimulated by high frequency electromagnetic waves, thus generating a “skin effect.” Negative charges collect on the pipe wall, while excess positive charges remains in the water, thereby rendering the water molecules ineffective and reducing their corrosive action; red rust (Fe2O3) is converted to a film of black rust (Fe3O4) with strong anti-corrosive properties, thereby preventing rusting and corrosion.

Technical parameter 

1.Input power: 220V, 50HZ
2.Water hardness require: ≤700mg/L(CaCO3)
   Temperature: ≤95℃
   Work pressure: 1.0MPa,1.6MPa
   Flow speed: ≤2.8m/s
3. Scale resist: ≥95%
    Bacterial killing: ≥95%
    Algae removing: ≥95%
    Reduce corrosion: reduce to 1/10 of origin

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