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Problems and solutions of steam condensate recovery equipment in traditional enterprises
Feb 10, 2018

The development of E-commerce has also led to the rapid development of related industries, packaging industry is one example. Among them, carton factory development is the most rapid. Carton production is a relatively large energy consumption, is generally based on thermal energy for the power of production and processing, the cost is self-evident. Now to analyze the traditional enterprise steam condensate water recovery device problems.

In the traditional heat-driven enterprise, industrial production will be accompanied by a large number of steam generation, but steam in the release of most of the heat generated after the condensation water is often not taken seriously, most of them are directly thrown away, there are enterprises using simple condensate recovery device for recycling, but there are many problems: 1. Condensation water treatment technology behind. 2 hydrocarbon molecule and derivative pollution. 3. Iron ion pollution. 4. Steam Trap management lag. 5. Condensate water recovery System Management extensive, lax assessment. 6. Condensate water recovery system is not optimized. 7. Condensate water treatment equipment can not be completely removed from other impurities.

In view of the shortage of traditional condensate water recovery equipment, Tai ' an Lida company technology research and development of a new generation of condensate water recovery device, complete, fully automatic control, advanced technology, auxiliary backwater equipment, various control schemes, can meet a variety of systems, different operating conditions backwater requirements. Can be customized according to user on-site requirements of horizontal or vertical tank body. For fully automated control, intelligent operation, can be compared to the original boiler feedwater system fuel 10%-30%, applicable to all two steam condensate discharge steam boiler. The system has high precision of liquid level control and good stability of boiler operation. Effectively reduce the labor intensity of workers.

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