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The correct operating procedure for condensing water recovery unit
Feb 10, 2018

It is the most effective way to prolong the service life of the condensate recovery unit and to reduce the failure of the condensate water Recovery unit. Below I give you a brief introduction of condensate water recovery device operating procedures, I hope you can help to everyone:

Preparation of condensate water recovery unit before start-up

1, condensate water recovery device should first scour the pipeline, equipment, until the water quality is qualified to enter the equipment. (This step is very important, must do, before the customer has no flushing pipe, resulting in condensate water recovery pump damage.) )

2, open to condensate water recovery device condensate recovery of the main road of the valve, close the main road exhaust valve, shut down the equipment of the sewage valve, confirmed to the boiler cut-off valve has been opened.

3, condensate water recovery device outlet valve with the boiler water pipe road valve is often open, do not close.

4, control the Board manual/automatic knob dial to the automatic position, at the same time click the Automatic, Start button.

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