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The water pressure difference of the plate frame filter is to realize the filtration continuously
Feb 10, 2018

Plate Frame filter is now in the market has a lot of influence, very soon the time has been the unanimous welcome of many people, then we will talk about the development of the next bag filter content:

is often through the plate frame filter of a filtration treatment, so that the sewage is very good to get the purification of hunger, often are constantly increasing the use of water. Bag Filter is able to effectively intercept an impurity in the water, depending on the structure of the filter core flower, effectively filtering out the water in the body of an impurity, large particles of matter, often suspended substances and said the algae fungus material, Let industrial sewage and said domestic sewage are able to be effectively recycled and said to use the situation. In the process, it is necessary to rely on the frame filter water pressure difference to continue to achieve filtration, as well as filtration process, without consuming other energy, efficiency and energy saving!

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