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What are the main aspects of the energy saving of the new condensing water recovery unit?
Feb 10, 2018

1, energy saving and water saving: The new condensate water recovery device is completely airtight, there is no form of hydrophobic leakage steam and condensation water flashing steam outside, can condense the heat and water resources of all recovery, can improve the thermal system thermal energy comprehensive utilization rate 10-25%.

2, eliminate cavitation: The new condensate water recovery device according to the condensed water two-phase flow characteristics, the use of unique cavitation elimination technology, completely eliminate the condensate pump to produce cavitation and steam plug conditions, prolong the service life of the impeller, to ensure the condensate pump output pressure, safe and reliable.

3, to ensure water quality: a new condensate water recovery device airtight, thus eliminating the oxygen, carbon dioxide and other water-soluble corrosive gas on the condensate water pollution, eliminate the oxygen corrosion and acid corrosion, keep the water quality of condensate, prolong the service life of the equipment and piping.

4, Automatic integration design: New condensate water recovery unit tank, pump and control integral device, compact structure, easy to install, intelligent control, no special duties.

5, protect the environment: new condensate water recovery device does not take steam, reduce heat pollution, reduce soot and greenhouse gas emissions.

In the indirect heating system of condensed water, with the steam in the heating equipment released vaporization latent heat of a large number of high temperature condensate, the temperature is generally above 100 ℃, the enthalpy of the original steam enthalpy of 25% or so, with a high value, water quality near distilled, almost no dissolved oxygen and carbon dioxide and other gases, is a good boiler recharge water.

Therefore, the new condensing water recovery device can not only save the boiler fuel and soften water, but also greatly reduce the operating cost of the boiler, improve the service life and improve the environmental conditions.

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