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Analysis Of Thermal Economy Of Condensate Water Recovery Project
Feb 10, 2018

Analysis of thermal economy of condensate water recovery project

For closed condensing water recovery device, the investment is mainly used in steam trap unit, backwater pipe network and recovery equipment-pump, hot water tank, heat exchanger, expanding container, high performance recovery device, and insulation and pipe network material, technical service, construction cost and so on. The economic benefits of the recovery project are analyzed from the following aspects:

1 Closed-type recovery system closed operation, increase the pressure and reduce the efficiency of the leakage of steam;

2 The recovery of condensate water to save the value of softened water;

3) Condensate water recovery to improve the temperature of the boiler inlet, saving fuel consumption.

Of course, there are certain social benefits. In general, we use the investment recovery years commonly used in engineering technology to determine the rationality and feasibility of project investment.

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