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Application Of Bag Filter In Water Treatment Industry
Feb 10, 2018

Stainless Steel bag Filter is a kind of precision filter is often said that the security filter, precision from 1 microns-200 microns have, a single bag, double bag-type filter, are closed filter. Its working principle is pressure filtration. So what is the use of stainless steel bag filter?

1, Bag filter in the painting work: degreasing skills Filtration, phosphating liquid filtration, ultrafiltration protection filtration, electrophoresis paint oil removal, filtration cleaning liquid, filter metal paint, etc.

2, in the water treatment and membrane industry: to eradicate scale or calcification in the pipe, the filtration of raw water, filtration treatment of waste water chemicals, ultrafiltration membrane, ro membrane of the front protection, to deter floc, membrane purification solution of the pre-filtration;

3, in the resin coating ink work: resin and other materials filtration, eradication of guessed the fiber, gel, filtration solvents, filtration abrasive fineness unqualified particles, the elimination of mixed reaction of particulate impurities, the elimination of gel coating of the condensation block;

4, Food and beverage work: to deter sugar-making in the toner and filter aids, edible oil polishing, security filtering before filling, all kinds of skills, water, syrup and other materials filtration, remove the harmonic skills in the seizure of impurities, filter drink guessed suspended objects;

5, in the Chemical oil Category: Stainless steel bag filter can filter lubricants, aviation coal and other oil products, from benzene in the polymer, recovery catalyst, filtration catalytic slurry, filter the material after the barrel, the product before filling the security filter, to deter carbon ink and filter agent, filtration resin, acrylic acid and viscose emulsion.

Performance Characteristics of Bag filter

1. Wide use, can be used for coarse filtration, medium filtration or fine filtration, unit filtration area of the treatment of large flow, small filtration resistance, high filtration efficiency.

2. Simple structure, reliable, universal, inexpensive, small resistance, long service life.

3. Filter basket is the use of computer layout, laser drilling of high-strength stainless steel plate, by molding, electrochemical polishing, very little adhesion materials.

4. The whole machine uses the Argon protection welding, the surface passes through the electrochemical treatment, the appearance is generous.

5. The whole machine has compact structure and reasonable size. Installation and operation of simple, convenient, small footprint.

6. The use of a unique filter design technology, can effectively prevent the filter bag at work pressure into the filter basket in the possibility to ensure that 100 no spill.

7. Filter bag can choose PE, PP, nylon, stainless steel, etc., can adapt to different material filtration.

Bag filter has quick opening seal structure. Type 0 Sealing type, cleaning more capacity. Less filtration residue, the replacement of the filter bag is very convenient, mainly used in paints, beer, cosmetics, vegetable oil, medicine, chemicals, petroleum products, chemicals, mineral water, hot solution, paint, electroplating liquid, milk, industrial water, latex, sugar syrup, molasses, ink, edible oil, fruit juice, vinegar, resin, ink, Industrial wastewater and other industries precision filtration.

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