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Nanjing Beite AC Equipment Co., Ltd. Is Honored To Be Invited To Participate In 2018 Jiangsu Agricultural Machinery Bureau In March 5th In Yangzhou Jiangdu District 3.15 Activities!
Mar 15, 2018

The Bureau of Agricultural Machinery is responsible for the implementation of the policies and regulations of the Party and the State on agricultural mechanization, is responsible for the management of agricultural mechanization, and formulates and organizes the implementation of annual plans, long-term plans and project plans for agricultural mechanization. At the same time, we should safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of consumers of agricultural machinery in accordance with the law, crack down on fake and inferior agricultural machinery products, and, more importantly, actively promote the strategy of "revitalizing agriculture through science and education," and be responsible for scientific research, promotion, and scientific and technological management of agricultural mechanization. For the majority of agricultural machinery consumers to promote the application of new machinery, new technology, new information! 

In order to respond positively to the call of the provincial agricultural machinery bureau, Nanjing Beite AC Equipment Co., Ltd. At this exhibition, we show our new and mature technology of Beite brand animal and poultry manure fermentation equipment to the consumers who pay attention to and engage in agricultural production.

The Beite brand animal manure fermentation equipment was developed by the core team to introduce advanced technology from abroad and adapt to localization by combining the essence of many years of research on fermenter in Japan and Korea. High efficient high temperature fermenting equipment. Mix the compound microbial bacteria agent with the appropriate proportion in the fermentation tank and animal manure according to the appropriate proportion, under the system all-directional accurate control, when the temperature, moisture, oxygen quantity and so on are suitable, The added microorganism propagates in large numbers and simultaneously realizes the decomposition and transformation of organic matter in livestock and poultry manure, biological deodorization and dehydration and drying.

The fermenter has the advantages of high automation, simple operation, low comprehensive energy consumption, zero pollution of the equipment, no discharge of a drop of sewage, no need for adding auxiliary materials, good fermentation effect, dare to challenge similar products, and can deal with raw material fermentation with 90% moisture content. Complete stable nature of livestock and poultry excrement, loose structure, no bad smell, can be directly packaged as high-quality organic fertilizer sales!

Our Beite brand animal manure fermentation equipment attracted the attention of many visitors, and everyone went forward to communicate with our leaders and designers in order to understand the products, design and production ideas, greatly promoting the cooperation between the two sides.

This show made Nanjing Beite AC Equipment Co., Ltd. be praised, especially after seeing our animal manure fermentation equipment, all of us are looking forward to Nanjing Bette more brilliant future!!!

Moreover, with the explanation and leadership of our company's leaders and related R & D personnel, the customers not only have a detailed understanding of the role of the fermentation equipment, the working principle and the advantages of the products, but also observe the operation process of the whole equipment at the same time. And experienced a high efficiency, high performance of the production of organic fertilizer!

All the customers put up their thumbs, praised them and praised them again and again!!! At the same time three Pakistani customers to the company's equipment to give a high degree of appreciation and trust! He said: "Nanjing Beite Air conditioning equipment Co., Ltd. production of animal manure fermentation equipment is this time I came to China to see the best effect, the most simple operation, worthy of no. 1!" I hope the two sides can establish a happy cooperative relationship! "


Eight advantages of choosing Beite


1. The lowest price in the market, breaking the profiteering of the industry


2. Zero pollution of equipment operation, no need to add auxiliary materials


3. Raw materials capable of handling up to 90% moisture


4. Fermentation effect is good, dare to challenge similar products


5. Low overall energy consumption


6. Not a single drop of sewage was discharged


7.The degree of automation is high and the operation is simple.


8. Professional after-sales service team on call 24 hours a day

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