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Selection Of Steam Condensate Water Recovery Unit
Feb 10, 2018

For different condensate projects, the choice of recycling methods and recycling equipment is a crucial step for the success of the project. So how do we choose?

1, must accurately grasp the steam condensate water recovery device condensate water, if the condensate water calculation is incorrect, will make the condenser pipe diameter selection too large or too small.

2, to correctly grasp the condensation water pressure and temperature, the recovery system in what manner, what equipment, how to decorate the pipe network, and condensing water pressure temperature.

3, condensate water recovery system, the choice of steam traps should also pay attention to the contents of the trap selection is improper, will affect the use of condensate water pressure and temperature, but also affect the normal operation of the entire recovery system.

Finally, in the selection of condensate recovery device is not the higher the recovery efficiency, but also consider the economic problems, that is, considering the waste heat utilization efficiency, but also to consider the initial input. Due to the high efficiency of closed-type recovery system and less environmental pollution, it is often given priority.

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