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The Effect Of Using Fire Pump On The Work Of Non-negative Pressure Water Supply Equipment
Feb 10, 2018

No negative pressure water supply equipment Working principle is: through the microcomputer control frequency conversion to achieve constant pressure water supply. First, according to the actual situation set water point work pressure, and always monitor the municipal pipe network pressure, when the pressure is lower than the user pressure, the microcomputer automatic control of the inverter start, adjust the speed of the pump to improve, until the pipe network pressure to rise to the user pressure, and control the pump to a constant speed of operation for constant pressure water supply. When the water consumption is increased, the rotational speed is increased, and the speed of the water is reduced, so that the pressure of the user is constant. The lower the pressure of tap water, the higher the speed of water pump, the higher the pressure of tap water, the lower the speed of pump. When the pressure of the tap water is not less than the pressure required by the user, the pump stops running. No negative pressure water supply equipment in the operation process to fully utilize the original pressure of tap water, but also to ensure that the user water supply pressure constant. When the equipment is running, the computer monitors the municipal piping network and the system pressure, automatic control vacuum suppressor and steady current compensator to restrain negative pressure, not only make full use of the pressure of municipal pipe network, but also do not produce negative pressure, do not have any bad effect to the municipal pipe network, guarantee the safety of water. No negative pressure water supply equipment can not only utilize the original pressure of the water pipe network, but also can use enough storage water to meet the peak water, and will not have suction on the water pipe network. ① when q from > Q (q from = water flow; Q with = user consumption) at this time water tanks, to design water level is the floating ball valve closed (vacuum pressure gauge reading is positive). Under the function of tap water pressure, the check valve is closed, thus forming the water supply state of the pipeline pump, the water pump can effectively borrow the original pressure of the water pipe.

② when Q is from Q

Because the water inlet of the pump is connected directly with the tap water pipe, if the check valve is not opened, the inlet of the pump will produce negative pressure. Because the bottom pressure of the check valve is small and the upper pressure is big, the water in the tank is flowing to the water pump inlet under the action of gravity, at this point the pressure of O point is: po=ρg (H-HR)

The height of the water surface of the h--tank to the upper part of the check valve hr--the local resistance head of the check valve under the rated flow rate and the volume quality of the water ρ--

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