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The Recycling Of Steam Condensate Water Recovery Device Can Bring Benefits To Enterprises
Feb 10, 2018

The value of condensing water recovery is more and more valued by enterprises, also make enterprises pay more attention to steam condensate water recovery device, it is low investment, high yield, recovery period generally not more than six months, the usual service life of more than 15 years, so there will be no energy saving money situation, so much attention to enterprises.

The condensing water recovery device does not affect the normal use of steam equipment even when the vapor pressure is unstable. So the production of enterprises will not bring any impact, Taian Tong Lida Company condensate Recovery system, when the steam load changes, steam injection compressor electric regulator will automatically act to regulate the steam intake of high pressure, To achieve the stability of steam pressure, will not affect the normal operation of production equipment, and will not be recovered after the steam is nowhere to be used, resulting in a greater waste of the phenomenon.

When the condensate recovery device failure will not affect production even if there is a presumption of extreme adverse conditions, the entire recovery system completely paralyzed, but also through the valve to restore the original system, will not be the original process and safety damage.

Finally, the installation of recycling system, do not need special maintenance, large savings of the beginning of the enterprise. The recovery system is fully automatic and does not need to be manned. If the condensing Water Recovery unit system is installed and running for some time, the leakage of steam traps, the amount of exhaust gas beyond the design range, recovery is not complete, resulting in flash evaporation tank pressure increase, that is, steam trap back pressure increase, will not affect the heat transfer effect of equipment, we in the design process, has taken into account the flash tank overpressure automatic preventive measures, The Flash steam tank is fitted with a relief valve and an overpressure exhaust solenoid valve, which does not affect production.

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