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The Value Of Steam Condensate Recovery Device For Resource Recycling
Feb 10, 2018

The most concern of society today is energy and environment, how to make our environment no longer deteriorate, and can be maintained for a long time, has become a topic of common concern for many environmentalists, and the depletion of energy has made the benefits of renewable energies rise to an unprecedented level, especially the water resources that people depend on for survival. According to a scientific research report: This century, the earth will be a huge shortage of energy and water resources. The world's poorest countries will lose 1/5 of their food production by 2080, as global warming and water scarcity are caused by uncontrolled combustion of fossil fuels.

China is a country with a serious shortage of water resources, the water resources per capita is only 2,200 cubic meters. Influenced by the monsoon climate and terrain conditions, the distribution of resources is not uniform. Causes the drought, the rain and so on the bad weather to occur frequently, these problems have become China's economic and social sustainable development important restriction factor. China's Water ministry experts recently pointed out: to solve the problem of water shortage in China, the key is to build water-saving society, improve the utilization efficiency and benefit of water resources, in order to solve the problem of water pollution, it is important to develop recycle economy, implement cleaner production and strictly control pollutant emission, which makes the steam condensate recovery device have much to do.

According to incomplete statistics, the country as the industrial steam boiler has more than 600,000 units, evaporation has reached more than 2 million tons/hour. Its coal consumption accounted for more than one-third of the national Coal production, auxiliary equipment power consumption of about one-tenth of the national electricity production. For water Enterprises This is a huge cost consumption, forming a vicious circle, so that enterprises for condensate recycling technology brings benefits have to pay attention to. China's industrial modernization has developed rapidly. Energy consumption is high, and the only way for companies to save energy is to reduce costs, on the basis of maintaining product quality standards and competitive prices. In recent years, China's large-scale state-owned enterprises to optimize steam pipe network, condensing water waste heat recovery as the representative of the energy-saving projects, has been listed as the main technical improvement topics today. Many industrial industries in China use coal as the main fuel to produce steam to meet the needs of industrial production. But most companies have not reached a proper level to optimize steam networks and use steam efficiently. So that the comprehensive popularization of condensate water recovery technology has become inevitable.

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