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Two Water Supply For Any Production
Feb 10, 2018

With the generation of generations of development, the country's high-rise is a higher than a building, but the problem is, the traditional water supply equipment, water pressure is not so large, can not be sent to the high level, so in order to solve this problem, two water supply equipment is so born, in order to higher floor water to increase pressure for people to send water.

There is to remind you that there is no water area to carry out a certain area of pressurized water supply.

Two times water supply equipment Detailed:

Two water supply equipment is composed of pneumatic tank, water pump and electronic control system three parts, the advantage is, do not need to build a tower, investment compared to small, occupy relatively little, decorate very flexible, built and put into production quickly. The use of water vapor automatic adjustment, automatic operation, energy-saving and automatic connection of tap water, power supply is still available after a large advantage of water supply equipment, after commissioning does not need to be supervised. Widely used in enterprise, residential and rural production, living, office water supply.

Two times water supply applicable area parameters

Applicable to the water supply households within 5000 households, daily water supply within the 3000m3 place, water supply height of more than 100 meters. Two water supply equipment, generally located in the ground or basement. There is a unit of tap water, which can adjust the peak water consumption, increase water pressure, and can meet the large area of water and the high floors in the peak use. No running water units, factories or rural areas, simply connect the equipment to the source of water, you can get a stable water pressure, to meet the needs of water.

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